True Secrets Books are books about real life. They’re true stories told by everyday people who’ve experienced personal struggles and heartaches.
Our authors share intimate details of their lives, so others can find hope, even in the darkness.

These are our books. All are available at Amazon.com, and they’re free to read in Kindle Unlimited.

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Momma, Don’t Hit Me!, by Shannon Bowen

Momma, Don't Hit Me! book cover true storyWhen Shannon, a stay-at-home-mom, hears child abuse in a neighbor’s apartment, she rushes to get help from the complex manager.

But the manager can’t help, the child’s
grandparents won’t, and – apparently – the New Hampshire police can’t either.

When the abuse becomes a nightly routine, can anything save Kevin from a fate no child should endure?

This is a true story.  Available at Amazon Kindle.

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Momma, Stop! I’ll Be Good!, by Shannon Bowen

(Continues the story in “Momma, Don’t Hit Me.”)

When Joe dumps Kevin at Ann’s door, the cycle of abuse resumes. And before long, Joe is back, but things only get worse.

When prostitution and drugs become part of the problem, will that give the police something they can use to save Kevin? Or will Kevin soon be in
even more jeopardy?

Based on a true story. Available at Amazon Kindle.

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What Happened to Kevin, a two-book compilation, by Shannon Bowen

This is a two-volume set, telling the complete Kevin story, as witnessed by Shannon, Kevin’s next-door neighbor. It includes both “Momma, Don’t Hit Me!” and “Momma, Stop! I’ll Be Good!”

These are Shannon’s full diary entries, as she tried to get help for the abused and neglected little boy in the next-door apartment.

Based on a true story. Available at Amazon Kindle.

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Dark Secrets Overhead, by Shannon Bowen

Dark Secrets OverheadWhen a frail upstairs neighbor brings home boyfriends who look like thugs, are they abusing her… or is something else going on?

One lie follows another. Each version of the story reveals a pattern of poor choices by the frail young woman.

But then, as the truth emerges, it’s even more shocking.

This is the day-to-day diary by the downstairs neighbor, describing the series of events that led to a horrifying discovery.

Based on a true story. Formerly titled My Texas Nightmare.

(Though this story doesn’t include graphic sex, it is written for adults and contains mature themes.)

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Why, Daddy?, by Mary Alice Dean

Why, Daddy! real story book coverWhen a child is raised with sexual abuse from  infancy, when does she realize her father is more than just a “strict parent”? At first, Mary Alice thinks she just needs to follow his rules.

Instead, her father became worse, and the neighbors had to protect their children, too.

This is a true story, told through the eyes of a child as the horrors occurred. [Adult themes] Available at Amazon Kindle

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Two Mothers' Lies

Two Mothers’ Lies – an adopted girl’s search for the truth, as told by Kallie Roberts.

When Kallie helps her mother with her late father’s papers, Kallie discovers a family secret. She was adopted.

Though her mother and her minister warn her that adoptees’ searches can end in heartbreak, Kallie still wants to find her biological parents.

Pushing through layers of secrets and efforts to scare her off, Kallie persists. When she’s face-to-face with her biological mother and things go very wrong, can Kallie cope with the heartbreak?

Based on a true story. Coming to Amazon.com later in 2020.

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Scars… from My Selfish Mother, as told by Laureen Baker.

From earliest childhood, Laureen knew she’d been an unwanted child. The scars on her face – from a failed abortion attempt – were a daily reminder. Worse, she had to pretend her mother was her sister.

Many years later, when Laureen’s family has a chance to compete in a TV talent show, her life starts to unravel.

Cast aside by her parents and a predatory TV producer, Laureen’s future looks bleak. Will the truth really set her free?

Based on a true story. Coming to Amazon later in 2020.

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